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My Soulful Self Retreat


Welcome all to My Soulful Self Retreat, an intimate retreat for 30 people.

Connection? We’re all about it. Fun? Well, of course! Relaxing? Good vibes on offer all day. Yoga? Meditation? The best! Love? All around you. Comfortable accommodation? Very comfortable. Good food? Delicious, all vegetarian. Workshops? Thought provoking, heart centred. Alcohol? Nice try, but it’s a retreat guys!

Wendy, Michelle and Beck would love you to share with them a very special weekend retreat where the focus will be on nurturing you and your beautiful soul. You will be treated to two purposeful days, where you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself on a deeper, more sacred level. Together, we will be exploring the power of our minds, the energy that surrounds us, our incredible bodies, and the oceans of love that reside within our heart and soul.