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Upcoming Events

Aligned with Swami’s intention to bring peace and harmony into the life of others, our events and workshops offer education and experience in different modalities that you can take home and apply to your own life. We host different events throughout the year, so be sure to follow us on social media to be the first to learn about upcoming opportunities.

The Australian Breathwork Association’s ‘Breathe Australia’ Conference


The annual Australian Breathwork Conference is an opportunity to connect in person and share the conscious connection of Breath​. The Conference includes:

  • Breathwork workshops and talks for practitioners and the general public who are interested in learning more about the power of your breath
  • Expand and deepen your Breathwork practice, or experience Breathwork for the first time!
  • Experience the variety of Breathwork techniques in Australia
  • Group Breathwork each day: try some of the different flavours of Conscious Connected Breathing
  • Meet like-minded folk and enjoy the love, joy and connection of the Breathwork Community
  • Weekend of inner work, healing and personal transformation

Yoga Jam Weekender


Take time for yourself with a short getaway this July at the Yoga Jam Weekender. Christian Ralston and Saul & Emilia from Soul Drummer have brought together all the components required to help you unwind and simply have an awesome time away. Time in nature, time with great people, high quality yoga, great food and killer music.

The Yoga Jam Weekender is punching well above its weight providing exceptional value for money with the added benefits of not needing to travel too far (no need to get on a plane) and not needing to take time off work as it fits snugly into a normal weekend.

Naturopress Juice Cleanse Retreat


The Naturopress juice cleanse retreat aims to provide the ultimate juice cleansing/ detox experience. With transformational benefits that remain with you long after the retreat is over. The all-inclusive five-day wellness retreat program supports your essential health objectives. Primary wellbeing areas, such as weight loss, gut health and improved energy levels, will be fully addressed.

During the program, you will experience first-hand the benefits of the juice/fasting detox method. You’ll experience the benefits of the daily Juice Detox Retreat program, while having plenty of time to rest and renew amidst the beautiful surrounding. The daily program includes valuable and potentially life-changing educational sessions. These holistic health sessions are specifically curated to enhance your wellbeing.