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Courses-Into Swami’s Courses

Welcome to your great adventure in becoming a Yoga teacher, Meditation Instructor, or Ayurvedic Massage Therapist. Our yoga courses are available to everyone. Whether you want to become a practitioner/teacher, or are simply interested in personal development, we are here to guide you on your wonderful journey. Enhance your life and find your purpose through one of our courses based on ancient wisdom and practice.

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Our yoga courses, massage and meditation training include theory and practical exercises that will provide you with a solid foundation and background in these ancient arts. This will instil confidence and enable you to carry out your teaching to a high degree of professionalism; which you owe to yourself and to your students. Our team will encourage and support you throughout the process. The courses will improve your life from the ground up – inspiring a new outlook and positivity which will flow through to all aspects of your life, including career, personal relationships and life mission. Our spiritual self-development courses will set you on a path to your true purpose, allowing you to discover a stunning clarity you might not have experienced before.

Learn from our famous courses developed and inspired by Swami Sarasvati – one of Australia’s foremost yogis and yoga teachers. We look forward to assisting you on your great journey to self-fulfilment.