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Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Welcome to your journey of becoming a yoga teacher and creating a fulfilling new life. This course offers a unique opportunity to be trained by a team of professionals in a beautiful retreat centre, located on 60 acres of tranquil bushland in the Sydney area. Whether you intend to become a yoga instructor or merely desire to experience a yogic lifestyle, this course will not only change your world but also how you see the world too.

Our next intensive courses will be held on 14-21 July 2024 / 9-16 February 2025 / 13-20 July 2025.

To register, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or contact us with any questions.

The benefits

  • Learn about yogic traditions through the teachings of Swami Sarasvati, one of Australia’s foremost Yoga & Ayurveda experts.
  • Your mental & physical health will greatly improve and you will feel more alive than ever before.
  • Your training will benefit you in every aspect of your life. One of the most amazing things about this Yoga Teacher Training course is that you help yourself whilst helping others.
  • The number of students is limited so that you can benefit from an individualized training which will both nurture and empower you to reach your goals and ambitions.
  • Our program is affordable both in terms of time and money (monthly workshops or intensive weeks).

The course structure

The course is a combination of theory and practice. To become a Sarasvati Yoga Teacher you must undertake and successfully complete three levels of training: Elementary, Certificate and Diploma.


Upon registration, you will be sent reading materials and you will be asked to complete 14 assignments (lectures and exercises) at home which cover anatomy, physiology, Sanskrit terms, breathing techniques, therapeutic exercises, nutrition, pre- and post-natal exercises, philosophy, meditation techniques, and much more. These assignments are completed over the entire three-level course.


One of the main advantages of our course is that it adapts to the time you have at your disposal for your training. The theory training can be undertaken at your own pace from home. The practical training, is completed by attending three one-week intensive sessions.

Intensive lessons

Intensive sessions are held twice a year at Swamis Yoga Retreat, which is located in the middle of 60 acres of peaceful bushland and only 55 minutes away from Sydney. This enhances the learning experience as you will stay in the ashram environment and enjoy the company of like-minded people. Successful completion of three intensive sessions is required to obtain a diploma (a minimum of one year training).


The intensives are spaced out so as to allow you to absorb what you learn and incorporated it into your life. However, to maintain your training momentum, we also hold a workshop once a month in Sydney.

The workshops mostly take place on the first Saturday of the month

The 3 Levels of Practical Training

To complete your training and begin your career you must complete three levels of practical training:

Level 1: Elementary

This is the first step towards becoming a Sarasvati Yoga Teacher. You will be learning Swami’s method of yoga teaching. The Elementary level is suitable for all budding yoga teachers who have not yet completed a course with Swami Sarasvati.

At the Elementary level you will learn the essential foundations that will be the basis of your yoga studies. In particular you will learn about Pranayama, the endocrine system, Sanskrit and you will be taught to instruct traditional yoga postures.

Elementary level students must attend a one-week residential intensive session. At the end, you will have done 60 hours of practical training within twelve months.
You will then be able to continue your training through the Certificate level.

Level 2: Certificate

This is the second level of your practical training and it can only be attempted after the completion of the Elementary level.
At the Certificate level, you will undertake training in advanced yoga postures, Sanskrit, therapeutic yoga, illness prevention, relaxation, food and nutrition, and childbirth. At the end of this level, you will be required to confidently and successfully conduct a one-hour yoga class.

Certificate students must attend a one-week residential intensive session. At the end, you will have done 60 hours of practical training within twelve months.

You will then be able to continue your training through the Diploma level.

Level 3: Diploma

Yoga teachers who have successfully completed the Elementary and Certificate levels are eligible for the Diploma course.
At this level, you will undertake practical training in yoga for backache, anatomy, Sanskrit, integral yoga, scientific evaluation and meditation. At the end of this level, you will be required to confidently and successfully conduct a one and a half hour yoga class. Diploma students must attend a one-week residential intensive session.

After having completed the three levels, students become fully qualified Sarasvati Yoga Society teachers and are eligible for full insurance.

These courses are available to everyone whether you want to become a practitioner/teacher or are purely interested in personal development.

The cost

  • Joining fee: $25
  • Theory: $899 up-front or three installments of $333
  • Practical

Intensive sessions (1 intensive per level x 3 levels = 3 intensives)

$1549 per intensive session for early birds (if booked one month prior to the beginning of the course), $1649 without any discount.
Price includes all meals and shared accommodation from Sunday afternoon through to the after lunch on the following Sunday afternoon.

To sum up, applicants must complete
  • 14 Theory Assignment
  • 3 Practical Levels (one intensive session per level)

Open Days

We encourage you to attend a workshop as an open day before you begin your training. The next workshop will be on March 2nd 2024. This will give you an insight on what the course will feel like. Contact us to organize your visit!