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About OLD

Our retreat was founded by the well-known yogi, philosopher, television personality and natural health expert Swami. Swami was instrumental in bringing Yoga to popularity in Australia through her television programs, books and videos.

Her yoga program, which taught many Australians to bend, breathe and connect, ran on morning television from the late 60’s through to the 70’s. Meditation, yoga and holistic living are all part of her philosophy. Swami was president of the Sarasvati Yoga Society and the Australian Yoga Masters Association for over 40 years and was a prominent figure in yoga thought in the West.

The retreat was established in 1983 and offers yoga classes, meditation classes, massages, a tennis court, jacuzzi and a gym. On 60 acres (24 hectares) natural vegetation you’ll find an overall wellness solution to suit every need.  Whilst Swami has retired, we are privileged to continue her teachings and philosophies.