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Ecstatic / Kundalini Tantra Retreat

October 2, 2023 - October 6, 2023

When yoga came to the west, tantra was left out, this is because it is powerful, it gives you magic.  I like to make Jedi Knights, not Darth Vaders, so while this retreat will awaken your power, we will also engage in healing work to cleanse your samsara’s consciously as well as energetically.
So how do we explore our Kundalini? Through shaktipata. That is what takes place in this class… because my kundalini is already awakened, when I join with you in meditation, my energy sparks yours and you can experience you kundalini.
What does kundalini do? First, the Kundalini moves through the sushumna nadi ‘erasing’ the impressions stored there and releasing the energy bound up in them.  This extraordinary purification process then releases us from the patterns our lives.

 Second, She opens up states of consciousness that give us access to unbounded awareness, awareness of the mystical state of Oneness, totally free of the ego mind, we realise our state of unity with everything.

REVIEWS from this retreat:
More than anything Helena, your teaching made this retreat special. You draw on a lifetime of learning and experience; you represent a distinguished line of tantra masters; you have a wealth of wisdom to impart to others. And I love how you do this in a playful, entertaining, manner. 
The safe, non-judgemental, supportive atmosphere of this retreat enabled me to experience the bliss of tantra, go further and deeper in this wonderful journey. Namaste!
– Paul Anthony
Helena is incredible, as a teacher, as an energy worker, as a healer, and as a coordinator. This retreat went beyond expectations and opened up channels in me I never knew existed. My heart was opened and my chakras centred in a way that gave me experiences so amazing that it’ll take months to digest the enormity of it. The people Helena chose to take part in the the retreat were all so wonderful and nurturing that the space created allowed growth not just for me, but for everyone involved. – Jeremy

Our focus is always breath work and meditation. Where the genius of the body, opens and expands to full body orgasm and sensual delights.

* there is NO sexual intercourse as part of the retreat
This retreat is open to both couples and singles
You only need to engage in exercises you feel comfortable with.
This retreat we will be surrendering to the grace and flow of lost ancient rituals which direct your encounter with oneness.My understanding is that tantras’ main difference with any other forms of spirituality, such Buddhism is that the later disregards human desire. In Tantra however, the totality of the body, including desires, is the path to awakening. ( from essay by Carolina,  Tantric Healing Practitioners Course )

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October 2, 2023
October 6, 2023


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