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Welcome to Swami’s Yoga Retreat

Through decades of research, practice and limitless enthusiasm for her lifestyle, Swami became one of Australia’s original and foremost yoga experts.

Whether you would like a deep transformational experience or just a relaxing escape, we are here to help.

Often we live life on auto pilot, just trying to survive the day. Let us provide the Yoga & meditative tools and the relaxing space to create a new positive abundant lifestyle for you.

Let Swami’s team guide and nourish you during a healthy and relaxing stay at the retreat, through yoga, meditation and vegetarian cuisine.
Learn how to enhance and enrich your life towards a sense of inner peace, personal freedom and natural energy.

Join us

Our team will be glad to welcome you for our yoga classes and weekend retreats, accessible to everyone. At only 50 minutes by car from the CBD, enjoy our calm and peaceful accommodations and facilities.
Yoga & Meditation will help you to reconnect your body and mind together, for a life full of light and peace.


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